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Ensumi Nel Incorporated is a leading South African Law firm providing incisive legal advice, while ensuring real value for money, and a professional service of the highest calibre. The firm prides itself on being different with a client-focused approach making clients central to its culture. This entails a professional, pragmatic and responsive approach at the core of our Client Service Excellence Philosophy. This approach adopts personal client attorney feedback with guaranteed accessibility to your attending attorney via electronic and personal communication for case updating and progress feedback purposes.

A multi-disciplinary philosophy ensures a broad understanding of many legal areas and can offer not only depth of expertise, but also breadth of experience and sound judgement as a result. A wide range of legal consultative services are provided to clients, both private and corporate, on a range of legislative impacted, private administrative legal, or corporate legal and compliance matters. This forms part of our business legal framework acumen, coupled with an infallible financial and compliance acumen in both general and corporate law.

Cost management systems aligned to detailed activity costing keeps client informed of cost escalation and alignment to our initial forecasting. Transparent and tailored costing model utilization prevents unplanned legal bill escalation with a high emphases placed on client instruction driven activity execution.

Ensumi Nel Incorporated has incorporated Property Sales and Rental Management service into the law firm as part of the firm’s service provision. An infallible understanding of Property Law enables a comprehensive service related to property sales, rental and property developments. Property sale services covers the full property sale life cycle, from marketing to registration, The Property Rental life cycle covers a marketing, tenant screening contract conclusion and tenant management activities, all at rates far less than the traditional property market players, with the service delivery expected from the legal fraternity.

Making Ensumi Nel Incorporated your chosen Partner in Legal Service Provision or Property Sales and Rental Management services, will be a decision that will pay itself in value add.


Legal Service Provision, Property Sales & Rental Management

Appointment as the agent of the executor of a deceased estate or the executor of the deceased estate. The Executor’s main functions include:

  • reporting of the deceased estate to the Master of the High Court within the prescribed period; 

  • collecting all the payments and money owed to the estate; 

  • payment of all the creditors of the estate; 

  • compiling, drafting and submitting of the Liquidation and Distribution account to the Master; 

  • payment and transferring of the property to the beneficiaries of the estate. 

The formal structuring of a relationship between parties who wishes to do business with one another. The agreement includes the identifying of the specific business relationship and the associated operational and or commercial requirements. Additional aspects like rights, responsibilities, accountability and dispute resolution are only a few aspects that is decided and agreed to by the parties to ensure enforceability. (A partnership or business agreement allows you to structure relationships in a way that suits all entities. Partners can establish the shares of profits or losses , the responsibilities and accountabilities of each partner, authority and decision making, admission of new partners or entities, partnership withdrawals, dispute resolution, and any other operational or commercial requirements) 

Consultation on different marriage regimes, drafting of the marriage contract, notarial execution of the contract and registration thereof in the Deeds Office

Corporate Compliance to Legal Corporate Governance such as King III often requires assistance from within the legal fraternity regarding consultative oversight in a drive to assure the correctness of Compliance Risk Management Strategies. 

Compliance to BBBEE, related to the impacting code changes and legislation changes, often catch organisations unaware of potential noncompliance status, and have as a result, a need for continuous oversight, and change management consultative processes. Compliance related to BBBEE and all areas of applicability across all codes, Codes of Good Practice as well as the Amended Codes of Good Practice, including applicable sector codes, becomes an integral aspect of doing business in the South African environment.

Whenever any understanding of whatsoever nature between parties are entered and agreed to, a contract will embody the understanding of the agreed binding requirements and will ensure that it is interpreted and utilized appropriately in order to assert enforcement without ambiguity and legal question.

(Contract law varies greatly from one jurisdiction to another, including differences in common law compared to civil law. It is imperative that the understanding of the agreed binding requirements are interpreted and utilized appropriately in order to assert enforcement without ambiguity and legal question) 

Clients are assisted when they privately acquire immovable property advising on the strict formalities to ensure a binding Offer to Purchase. We also have an in-house estate agency that offers a one-stop-shop to the client (for more information scroll down to properties)

Individual or juristic person credit check with associated rescinding of the judgment that caused individual or juristic person to be blacklisted. We will also informing the credit bureaus of the rescission of judgment and confirm removal from blacklisted credit rating. 

Lease and rental agreements drafted aligned with legislation to address both parties’ rights ensuring a fair agreement.

When property is acquired we assist in the formal registration of the property’s change of ownership 

A trust is an efficient enterprise form that can be utilized by an individual who desires his/her assets and financial affairs to be arranged to provide for his/her and the family’s needs during their lifetime and after their death 

Planning and drafting of an individual or a joint will including the creation of a testamentary trust for minor child. We also offer free storage and safekeeping of original wills. 

Our Firm has integrated practice management, property and financial management software, linked to credit bureaus which maintains a database specific to the property industry. The credit bureau collects information on existing and prospective tenants and owners and maintains a history of their payment behaviour. We have a range of credit bureau services available to assist us in placing a suitable tenant and collecting monies due from your tenant.

You will enjoy the following benefits when you make use of our services

1. Limit your risk of a defaulting tenant with upfront comprehensive credit profiling.

2. Increase your likelihood of timeous rental payment via our Welcome Letter and tenant education initiative.

3. Monthly credit bureau rating updates delivered to your tenant - encouraging timeous payment.

4. Access to credit bureau collections for collection assistance and advice.
5. Access to blacklisting of defaulting tenants.
6. Free reports available to you on the performance of your tenant in relation to the rental market.

We also attend to the marketing and advertising of the rental property and furnish the owner with a recommendation report after receiving a tenant’s application. We also assist with the rental agreement between the owner and the tenant. We offer a detailed tenant application process, during our tenant screening, we will investigate the following information on each major individual who will be occupying the property: employment details, previous landlord, ID / passport verification, Affordability to pay rental, Probability of squatting, Credit history and payment behaviour by utilising 3 credit bureau reports Our monthly rental property management package includes: Monthly collection of rental from the tenant on behalf of the owner, entering and exit inspection, 4th monthly rental property inspection, tenant’s deposit to remain on our trust account, maintenance management of the rental property, legal compliance for the duration of the rental agreement. 


Dedicated, Service Driven and Efficient


Qualifications: B.Comm Law (NWU), LLB (NWU)


Qualifications: BConsumer Science (UP)


Qualifications: BTech QS, Professional QS

3%.Com Properties

3%.Com Properties® is a national franchise network of Attorneys and Conveyancers that specialise in marketing and selling immovable property legally and effectively. The operation provides a comprehensive service to property owners and buyers including the valuation, marketing, selling and transferring of residential and commercial property

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